Who we are

About us, briefly

For over 38 years, MIMOX AG has been the distribution partner for leading chemical specialty manufacturers in Europe and around the world. We guarantee our customers not only top-quality products, but also individual guidance in close collaboration with our suppliers. Serving the needs and promoting the potential of our customers are our priorities. Our success is the result of exceptional teamwork with our  partners, built on mutual trust.

MIMOX AG was founded in 1980 by Fritz W. Kessler and Dr. Walter Kessler. We grew quickly as our customer base and variety of products expanded. As the representative of many well-known producers of “high-chem” specialties, MIMOX remains true to its core value of distributing only first-class products.

Simon R. Kessler and Deborah E. Kessler are getting prepared to assume leadership and so maintain continuity into the third generation.

What we do

How can we help you

Are you researching premium raw materials? Are you in need of an expert support system? Our specialists can help. We offer samples, technical reports and basic formulations. We will be with you throughout the project, advising you on suitable materials and their applications.

Our commitment to you is our first priority and results in the highest quality products and services. We work closely with manufacturers to ensure products are continuously improved– and we go beyond just basic standards. With our focus on service, we meet our customers’ needs and enable them to gain a significant advantage in the market. We enjoy close relationships with our customers and suppliers. Our goal is a long-term relationship based on mutual trust.

Our identity

We are MIMOX

Our employees

At the heart of Mimox is our staff

This team of dedicated professionals has been chosen for their technical expertise as well as their personal capabilities for clear and effective communication. As a small, family run business, we value our ability to rapidly respond to the needs of our clients and suppliers. Our close-knit staff gets great satisfaction in reaching for the highest levels of customer service.

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