Customer Service

We work hard for you

Professional team

Our highly trained professional team collaborates closely to deliver the highest level of support for you. As a family business we operate in a culture of close relationships based on mutual trust. This core value keeps us flexible and enables the most personalized response to your needs.

Fast processing

We aim to consistently deliver goods on time and to shorten lead times.  Our warehouses maintain and process stock to ensure availability and fast delivery. Our aim is to follow your lead times and offer you short delivery times. If there is a delay in the delivery time, we go the extra mile to finally deliver on time.

Quick sampling

Our large internal sample stock and close coordination with couriers allows us to deliver samples when you need them.  With our big internal sample stock, we are able to offer you a fast sampling service. Our aim is to give your projects the right raw materials in a short time.

After sales care

To provide the highest level of service we constantly improve our processes.  We keep you informed about new products and significant changes in raw materials.  Our openness to your feedback and recomendations is pivotal in our ability to deliver great service. Our process will continue after the sending of your goods.

Technical Support

We help your projects to succeed


We like to accompany you and your projects. Our technical knowhow helps to find the right raw material out of our wide range of sophisticated specialty ingredients. We are pleased to be addressed with questions and challenges to help you improve and perfect your products.

Guide formulations

We have a versatile set of indicatory formulations that can guid you formulate your desired product. In addition, the close long-term relationships to our suppliers and their laboratories gives us backup support for special and unique requests.

Trend presentations

We join in the fast-moving life with trendy products and trend presentations. Good contact to our customers and regular visits is our goal in order to let them participate the newest trends and ideas.

Cosmetics Blog

On our blog we present new launches, innovations and special products to keep our customers up to date on the latest trends and developments.

Regulatory Affairs

We take care of the regulations

Product information

We aim to have a database of up-to-date information on our products such as specifications, material safety sheets and product dossiers. We have long-term and reliable contacts to our suppliers and try to satisfy also customer-specific requirements.


We secure conformity to country-specific regulations and guidelines. We guarantee REACH compliance of our cosmetic and industrial portfolio.

Customer needs

We advice our customers on raw material selection corresponding to specific need concerning regulations. We try to have a versatile range of globally approved raw materials to simplify the regulatory effort.


Our suppliers constantly work on product purity and safety requirements. In case of discrepancies we are working hand in hand with our suppliers to handle product and quality claims quickly and efficiently.

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